D-series is a revolutionary sofa product creating an innovative and diverse office environment. D-series includes screens, sofa, training system, lounge sofa. With its modular units, various space can be formed to include working, training communication, resting, conferences.

D1 D2 D3

Beautiful imagination of the Sea

D2 is a refined set of 3 sofas featuring rounded edges and distinct comfort.
It can create a comfortable space for employees to relax, nap, and meditate
or give visitors and guests a welcoming feeling as they wait.

This product was designed by
Favaretto & Partners

Curiosity, tenacity, and passion for research have characterized the work at Favaretto & Partners Design Studio
for more than 40 years. Specialized in industrial design and interior architecture, the Studio founded in 1973 in Padua
by Paolo Favaretto. Back in the 1980s, the Studio was one of the first in Italy to engage in business relationships abroad,
collaborating with prestigious companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • W730*D590*H430(mm)
    W30 3/4’’* D28 3/4’’*H29 1/2”

  • W3600*D1600*H900(mm)
    W30 3/4’’* D30 1/4’’*H37”

  • W1850*D715*H430(mm)
    W30 3/4’’* D32 1/4’’*H44 1/2”

  • SM-PC21B

  • SM-PC60B

  • SM-PC62B

  • SM-PC51B

  • SM-PC11B

  • SM-PC27B

  • SM-PC83B

  • D-series_Brochure PDF(428MB)
  • D-series-Training manual PPT(80MB)
  • D-series_Assembly Instructions DWG(38.2MB)
  • D2-Specifications jpg(1.86MB)