Safely Returning to Work

When considering a return-to-office plan, you need to instill confidence in your employees and reassure their psychological safety.
Please take a look at Sunon's spatial strategies to see how we can help you plan a risk-free office layout and prepare
for your return to the workspace.

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Safe Concentration

The immersive space with high panels offers employees a quiet
individual place for focus work and brings privacy & productivity
back to open-plan layouts.

Safe Collaboration

A flexible solution with mixed-use units can quickly shift to create
ample space for social distancing and facilitate enhanced
and safe collaboration.

Safe Resting

A revolutionary sofa system with partitions creates
a pleasant and safe rest area for employees who still have safety
concerns to relax, nap, and meditate.

Safe +

With only a couple of remedies, like office screens, partitions,
and antibacterial additives, you can transform your office to make
employees feel sheltered and safe when they reunite.

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